Adam Fincik

Youth Hockey Coach and Former Hockey Player

Meet Adam Fincik

Located outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Adam Fincik is an Owner and Production Manager at Planet Roof, as well as a youth hockey coach. Founded in 2015, his company provides roofing and exterior remodeling and repair services. Between running a local business and coaching youth hockey, Adam has become a well-respected member of his community.


Community Leadership


Adam first began playing hockey at the age of 5 with the Mon Valley Thunder Youth Hockey Association. His father had always had a deep love and respect for the sport but was unable to play himself. As soon as Adam was old enough, his father put him on the ice. From that moment forward, Adam became invested and passionate about hockey. Almost 30 years later, Adam Fincik is still involved with the sport, but now as a coach where his journey started. What’s more, his family’s love for hockey has been passed down to his own son. 

Most weeks, Adam can be found at the hockey rink 6 out of the 7 days, for at least an hour every day. As a kid, you could find him on the ice almost every day, for hours at a time. For him and his family, hockey is a way of life. The sport taught him much of what he knows. The expectations set by his coaches taught him to push himself and how to hold himself accountable, which, in turn, helped him build his character. 

In his early 20s, Adam Fincik began to realize that hockey would not be his career path. However, instead of feeling frustrated, he felt excited that he could pass on his passion for the sport to others as a coach. Ever since, Adam has enjoyed every single moment he has in the rink, passing on his knowledge and expertise to a new generation, including his own kids. More than anything else, Adam relishes in the ability to help develop new players into talented teammates. In fact, he’d rather develop a player than score a goal any day!

In addition to coaching, Adam and Planet Roof are frequent donors to various sports leagues and associations throughout their area. For Adam, who grew up with very little and built a successful business from the ground up, he feels a responsibility to help his community. As a small, family-owned company, they feel it is important to give where they can when they can. For example, for Christmas 2019, Planet Roof (then A&T Roofing and Construction) helped provide Christmas presents for a few families. In the future, they hope to start a partnership with a local rehabilitation center, offering donations or helping to pay the facility’s rent. As the company grows, Adam and his partner are excited at the opportunity to help their area even more. 

When Adam Fincik isn’t working or on the ice, you can find him spending quality family time with his fiance and their children. As a family, they enjoy playing sports together, spending the day at a trampoline park, or simply just relaxing as a unit and watching a good movie. 

For more on Adam Fincik and his perspective on all things hockey, be sure to check out his blog, or check out his pages on HockeyDB and EliteProspects from his playing days!