A hockey coach must learn how to bring out the best in his or her players while running hockey drills repeatedly. This task can be more difficult without the use of a skating rink, but it isn’t impossible. Switch things up during the next hockey practice by trying some of these hockey drills that can be done without a rink.

Use a Ball

No ice rink means that using a hockey puck is out of the question as it won’t glide on concrete or asphalt surfaces as well as the ice. Switch things up by using a ball instead. Players run with sneakers and hockey sticks while trying to hit a soccer ball into the goal. Each player may only have possession of the ball for three seconds before shooting a goal or passing to another player. If they hold onto it for too long, the coach blows the whistle and the play goes to the other team.

Dodge Ball

Put away the hockey sticks and encourage players to work on their cardio, balance and agility skills with dodge ball. Balls are lined up in the center of the playing area. When the whistle blows, the opposing teams must throw the balls at one another. Catching the ball means that the player who threw it is out while being hit means that the player that was hit is out. The last person left is the winner.


Bring out a competitive edge and encourage players to do their best by holding races. This is a fun way to end the practice. Races can be done in a straight line, while weaving in-between cones or in relay teams.

Three-on-Three Game

Playing a game with only a few players forces players to stay attentive and to learn to work together as a team. Other members of the team can practice running drills during the game. The game can be played until a certain number of points are reached, for time or other players can be rotated into play to give others a break. This is a great way to start practice and get everyone warmed up and excited for the day.

Changing practice up with a few new drills is a great way to keep players excited and loving the game. Try these drills during the next practice and watch players thrive.